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We do online advertising right.


Who We Are

At PrestAds we help your small business grow BIG and your big business BIGGER.

We help you by holding your hand and developing the right digital marketing plan for you. If you need help developing your marketing materials (animated banners, advertising content and so on) we offer that to you as well.

See the fantastic services and ad-formats we offer:

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Our Services


We advertise your business online so you don't have to. Our mission is to help you get more local customers. With smart technology and sharp professionals, we have the ability to get the results you want. You focus on running your business while we take care of advertising it.

What you get:

  • Leads from the top search engines and local directories through search engine advertising and organic Web marketing on sites like Google, Yahoo and many more.
  • Boost Brand Awareness through Web marketing that creates a buzz about your company, increases search discovery, engages consumers and creates new customer opportunities on sites like Twitter, Facebook and many more
  • Create a Social Presence for you on Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and BBM Advertising
  • Maximise your Social Reputation and Increase Awareness with local consumers through retargeting and display advertising on top quality news, entertainment, lifestyle and social media sites.
  • Reach new Customers and drive Conversions through creative business solutions that help boost the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns.

We can go beyond this and provide you extra services no other ad-agency offers

  • Mobile LED displays? Yes we will do this for you and develop the videos and visuals for it.
  • A BLIMP, floating over the skies? Yes we will do this for you and develop the visuals for it.
  • Separate yourself from the rest with natty digital campaigns that fuses the analog and the digital
  • Creative mobile apps? We do that fantastically well.